How long does it take to learn web development

How long does it take to learn web development


The initial stage in learning web development is mastering HTML (HyperText Markup Language) first. HTML is a component of programming that is quite important to be learned for web developers. Because, in outline HTML functions to display text, links, and lines that are the main components on a website.

In addition to HTML, it is also important for web developers to master CSS (Cascading Styles Sheet). CSS serves as a support for the HTML components that have been developed. With CSS, HTML components that have been created can be refined and look more attractive. If you have mastered HTML and CSS, then you can already create a static website with an attractive interface.

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2. PHP

If you have mastered HTML & CSS, then the next step that you should learn is PHP. This framework is quite widely used by web developers because it is easier to learn, and not paid. In general, PHP functions to make the site more dynamic by inserting programming logic into the HTML syntax that has been created. On dynamic sites, visitors can interact on a site such as e-commerce, social media, forums/communities, and so on.

However, before learning PHP you should learn programming logic first. This will make programming easier.

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3. Database

The database is a component that is quite important in information systems. Therefore, the database is a container for providing various information to users. Therefore, web developers are expected to be able to design databases such that programming can run faster and easier.

4. JavaScript

Javascript has a function that is almost similar to PHP. The way it works, too. However, both have several different functions and syntax. Javascript is an important thing to learn because PHP and Javascript has advantages and disadvantages of each. That way, you can develop a site more easily based on the advantages and disadvantages of the two programming languages.

5. Addition

If you have mastered the programming language in web development described earlier, then you can already be called a web developer. However, there is a library that you should be good at so that the site can be developed even more interesting. These libraries include Jquery, Ajax, React, Angular, Node, and others. With this library, you can present animations and certain effects that can make a site look more attractive.


6. Framework

Framework has quite a number of advantages in web development. Therefore, the framework is quite important for you to master. With the framework, you can develop a site more easily, quickly, safely, and dynamically. Some examples of frameworks include Codeigniter, Zend PHP, Kohana, Panada, Yii and others. It is recommended to learn Codeigniter first if you are a novice web developer who wants to master the framework. Codeigniter has quite complete and easy-to-understand documentation so that it will facilitate you in learning this framework. Thus the article about the stages in learning web programming, hopefully, can help you.

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HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript, how long does it take to master all this?


There are many factors that must be considered. First, the word ‘master’ here is very relative.

For just ‘knowing’ about the functionality of each of the ‘languages’, you can also spend approximately 1 week.

There are many topics for each of these ‘languages’. If you look at books published outside such as on Amazon and some of the books have up to 1K pages, and it only specifically addresses one type of material such as HTML, PHP, or JavaScript alone. The official manuals of PHP & MySQL can reach 2K pages.

So, the question is how much do you want to understand? As you spend 4-5 hours each day learning and in a month you can be recognized to have mastered in 1 material ( in few weeks to practice program code), so that in a total of 5 months you can master HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. With this note, you already have readable sources such as books, ebooks, and online tutorials.



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