How Long does it take learn HTML and CSS?

How Long does it take learn HTML and CSS?

It’s very easy to learn a skill but the importance of committing to learn such skill is a basic requirement. Similarly, When it comes to learning computer language like HTML and CSS that of coding, it simple to get tripped off. Moreover, many people think this language to be difficult to understand so they get panic and worried before working on learning these computer language.

It might be easy to grape such language but it may take months or year to develop a skill or proficiency in computer languages like coding languages especially when you are thinking to make it career. So eventually this timeframe or length of time may panic anybody.




What you need?

The question here arises that how much time it will take to learn coding language like HTML and CSS. Just to add in your information, HTML is a building block or a foundation to a coding language.

Basically, HTML form is Hyper Text Markup Language that defines web pages, which allows the web browser to translate HTML content into the language we are able to understand which see on desktop or screen. So learning this could make you able to develop you’re a career as front end developer. It would sound difficult to mastery in this language but it won’t take that much long time to learn it. Whereas, CSS is Cascading Style Sheet. Interestingly, you would be surprised by knowing that unlike other computer languages CSS and HTML are not competing each other rather, both are dependent on each other.

It is not difficult to learn these languages because they help you build web pages which can lead you to become an expert web developer. HTML and CSS are easy to learned but CSS is just little complex when comes to building layouts which are advanced. Interestingly, you can build many pages like Facebook, snapchat etc. by using these languages. Moreover, there are many YouTube tutorials and stuff like that from where you can learn these languages in time frame of one week or two.

To learn HTML AND CSS is just matter of one month or less:

It may sound unbelievable that learning HTML and CSS is just possible in a month or less but it is practically possible as many of those people who are considered experts in this field learned it in less than a month. For an example, founder of many companies related to web developers like that of Skillcrush, 3prime etc. have got basic expertise in HTML and CSS in less than month.It might take one to two weeks to learn this course or language but it might take a month practice to learn and be comfortable with CSS and HTML so to get proficiency into it, you need to practice more by doing different projects and tasks.




Possibly, it may take just two weeks to learn the HTML and CSS course but it may take a month or two to get ease with it. The best way to get practice is doing your own tasks like building your own web page or website and I promise these learning these languages will let you build your career. Make your online presence because these will be able you to polish your skills. Eventually, then move towards creating websites for other people and monetizing your projects by earning by doing these tasks of others.

How to learn HTML and CSS:

There are many advanced coding languages like JavaScript, PHP etc. but HTML and CSS are main coding languages used in developing a website. You can learn these coding languages from many sources but following are best sources to learn HTML and CSS fast and free:

  • Lynda
  • Codecademy
  • Tuts plus

There are many other as well but from these sources, you can learn fast like within a month you can become much familiar with these languages. Moreover, there are many options that suit your time so if you select 1 to 2 hours daily for learning HTML and CSS then definitely you are going to get comfortable with it within a week but full time commitment is necessary. Just add these languages in one of your skills because your time for learning them is worth it.




Dive into the world of Web development:

It’s more like if you are learning CSS after HTML then it will polish your skills related HTML and make you understand it in much better way. But keep in mind, you have to learn HTML to go through CSS. So you can learn it from similar sources as that of HTML. These skills i.e. Definitely, knowing these languages will only increase your worth in this technological world.


 Learning HTML and CSS: door of an employment:

These two languages will build your foundation to profitable career of web development and designing. The only thing you need to know is full time commitment because anyone knowing these languages will not have fears of unemployment because even if your qualifications are engineering or any other degree but you know HTML and CSS then you can get any job even it does not match with your degree or qualification.

In a nut shell, If you fully want to get into web developing as a full time job then you need to learn different sorts of languages like CSS and HTML which are programming languages that will help you build your worth and proficiency in the world of programming languages.

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